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We are located in one of the few remaining natural paradises:  Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park. This privilege to us signifies a greater commitment to sustainability.

Our strength lies in minimizing the use of fossil fuels by implementing solar panels to generate electricity, in the use of local products whenever possible and in our continuous effort to reduce waste.

One example is our “Agua km 0”, local water purified and bottled directly within our facilities in specially designed returnable bottles. This helps reduce not only the production of single-use plastic and glass bottles, but also helps reduce CO2 emissions caused by the thousands of trucks that transport bottled water from one end of the continent to the other.

Since summer 2022 we are able to offer our guests the possibility to charge their electric cars within our premises. We also invite visitors of our restaurant and beach bar to use this option while they are enjoying their meal.

In 2021 we underwent an extensive audition to obtain a quality seal issued by the Andalusian government. This seal is awarded exclusively to a very limited number of small companies located outside urban areas and within Natural Parks.

We are proud to announce that by November 30, 2021 we have been able to obtain the “ANDANATURA” quality seal certified by ENAC and the Consejería de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía.

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Accredited by ENAC, with accreditation number 24/C-PR037 and certification number TN-21/023, for products elaborated and services offered with respect to the standards of quality seal “Natural Park of Andalusia” issued by Junta de Andalucía´s Ministry of Environment.