Quality, sustainability and fresh food of local origin.

Our Tarifa Restaurants

Quality, sustainability and fresh food of local origin.

Restaurant Hurricane Tarifa

Preference to locally and organically grown produce

Focusing on quality and sustainability, the restaurant offers fresh herbs and salads, homemade pastas, locally sourced fish and seafood, locally grown “Retinto” beef, accompanied by a wonderful selection of wines.

Beach Bar Chiringuito Hurricane

Enjoy spectacular views across the Straits of Gibraltar!

Our recipe is simple: nothing but top-quality homemade food. Our self-service Beach Bar seduces with a large buffet of varied salads, a selection of hot dishes and hamburgers, grilled meat or fish. The location is unbeatable. You do not need to reserve a table, simply visit and enjoy.

Restaurant El Jardín Punta Sur Tarifa

Delicious fusion of traditional and more exotic dishes

The base of our gastronomic offer is a careful selection of prime ingredients, always of superior quality and as far as possible locally sourced and of organic origin. In keeping with this principle we are continuously exploring new recipes to elaborate a delicious blend of the modern and the old.