Hurricane Restaurant in Tarifa: Selection of Wines

Aperitif Wines and Sherries

  • Roberto Amillo
    🍷 3,5€
    Wine from Cádiz area, made from matured dry oloroso wines with a solera of 20 years and Pedro Ximénez with a solera of 5 years and aged in barrels made from French oak with an infusion of 30 herbs
  • Sangría
    Homemade by Hurricane with wine, soda and various liquors. 1 litre.

Liqueur Wines from D.O.Jerez

  • Manzanilla La Guita
    🍷 3,5€
    The origin of this Manzanilla made from Palomino Fino grapes is explained in an anecdote involving the founder of the winery “Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín” who used to asked those who wanted to buy wine from him if they had “guita”. “Guita” means money.
  • Fino La Ina
    Fino La Ina is made from Palomino Fino grapes, following the traditional Solera and Criaderas system, with an average aging of 5 years in American oak. Fino La Ina is a wine of biological aging, elegant and very dry.
  • Fino Tio Pepe
    Tío Pepe Fino de Jerez, elaborated with Palomino Fino grapes, is the color of golden straw, clean and bright. The nose is elegant, with clear notes of yeast and almonds. The palate is full-bodied, sharp and very dry, with a long and complex finish.
  • Manzanilla Aurora
    Manzanilla is synonymous with Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the area where it is produced, with higher humidity and lower temperatures, tempered by the presence of the sea breeze. The peculiar climatic conditions of Sanlúcar are extrapolated to the veil that covers the Sanlúcar manzanilla, made from Palomino Fino grapes, imbuing it with unique and personal organoleptic characteristics.

Wines from D.O. Jerez, oxidative aging

  • Oloroso Alfonso
    🍷 3,5€
    It´s color is a golden amber, it´s aroma intense, warm and round, with pronounced touches of nuts such as walnuts and balsamic aromas reminiscent of hardwood and dry leaves. Alfonso, made from Palomino Fino grapes, is the most appropriate wine for red meats and game and an exceptional pairing for mushrooms, as well as for very cured cheeses.
  • Cream Canasta
    🍷 3,5€
    This unique sweet oloroso, or “cream”, as the British call it, has an oxidation process in oak barrels. It is a sweet oloroso winemade from Palomino Fino and Pedro Ximenez grapes, of mahogany color with aromas of dried fruits, nuts, and slight hints of raisins and toasted sugar. It can be consumed on its own, as an accompaniment to desserts at any time, chilled, or with ice as a refreshing drink.

V.O.R.S. (“Very Old Rare Sherry)

  • Palo Cortado Roberto Amillo
    🍷 9€
    This superb Palo Cortado from Palomino Fino grapes has a light mahogany color. The nose is powerful, complex, candied fruit, sweet spices, pastries. The palate is powerful, tasty, fleshy, complex, spicy, hints of solera.
  • Amontillado Roberto Amillo
    🍷 9€
    Made from Palomino grapes, elegant aroma of dried peach, caramelized orange, cedar and nuts, mainly macadamia and hazelnut. Pleasant bouquet of toffee and caramel. Good balance between fruity notes and drier notes of oxidation. It transitions to more bitter notes, such as oranges, toasted notes from its long aging and the characteristic nuttiness of certain liqueur wines.

Red Wines

V.T. Cádiz – Wines from Cádiz Region

  • Petit Forlong
    Syrah, Petit Verdot and Tintilla de Rota grapes. Aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. A wine reminiscent of flowers, some carnation, accompanied by fresh and acid red fruit such as currant, all this, on a deep background of cocoa. ORGANIC.
  • Garum
    Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot grapes. Aged for 12 months. Powerful, silky and very sweet on the palate. A wine with sweet tannins and a pleasant aftertaste with notes of coffee. Powerful and ample, it has a silky passage that leaves pleasant sensations of red fruit.
  • Cobijado
    Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tintilla de Rota grapes. Aged for 12 months in oak barrels, beautiful cherry color. On the nose aromas of black fruits such as blackberry. Notes of toffee, coffee and cocoa. Full-bodied on the palate, with persistent hints of coffee and cocoa.

D.O. Rioja

  • Usoa de Bagordi
    Tempranillo, Graciano and Garnacha grapes. Aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels. Good intensity and aromatic complexity, red fruits with acidic notes, contributed by the Graciano variety. Good fruit, slight licorice bitterness that gradually gives way to dark chocolate and light toasted notes.ORGANIC.
  • 22 Pies
    Tempranillo grapes. Aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels. Fresh, silky and not very tannic. 22 PIES is a tribute to the Spanish picaresque that has always shown great attachment to wine and on its label represents the legend of 11 tiny wine lovers (22 feet =pies) who steal the best bottles from a tavern keeper.
  • Lan Cosecha
    Tempranillo grapes. Mature young wine without aging. Pomegranate color very covered and bright. The nose is dominated by notes of black fruit, plum, figs and stewed fruit. All this wrapped in notes of cocoa, balsamic and black pepper. Excellent with all kinds of spicy meats and cheeses.
  • Ijalba Crianza
    12 months aging in French oak barrels. Tempranillo grape. Ripe fruit and floral aroma. Good layer of intense ruby color, aromas of red fruit compote, a touch of toasted almonds and vanilla. A full-bodied wine with a silky texture and a lingering finish. ORGANIC.
  • Ramón Bilbao
    Mature wine, made from Tempranillo grapes. Aged for 14 months in American oak barrels. Lively and enveloping on the palate with plum, balsamic and mineral sensations that merge into a tasty and persistent finish that is very round.
  • Proelio Crianza
    Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. Aged for 14 months in French oak barrels. Elegant and modern, a balanced combination of grapes that results in a wine full of fruity expression, agile and fresh, balanced, smooth texture.
  • Muga
    🍾 29€
    Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano grapes. Aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels. Aromas of red and black fruits. In the mouth it has a mellow attack, an enveloping tannin with menthol touches. It has an interesting persistent finish.
  • Luberri Biga
    🍾 19€
    Tempranillo grapes. Aged for 12 months in French oak. The nose has clean fruit, fine wood, in the mouth, light, friendly, highlighting a tip of freshness. It is a concept of modern rioja aging, fresher than usual, ensuring that the presence of wood is more integrated into the wine.
  • Pies Negros
    Tempranillo and Graciano grapes. Aged for 12 months. Deep cherry red color, with violet hues. On the nose aromas of black fruits (blackberries) and toasted notes. In the mouth it is fresh and tasty, powerful in the mouth with a fruity and spicy reminiscence. Made with grapes from plots in the municipality of Abalos, at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria.
  • Predicador
    Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes. Aged for 16 months in French oak barrels. Predicador is a ripe red wine with a nose of ripe red fruits, menthol and herbaceous notes and a background of wet earth. The palate is unctuous, velvety and very elegant. A balanced wine that stands out for its ripe tannins, freshness and minerality.
  • Conde Valdemar Reserva
    Tempranillo and Mazuelo grapes. 24 months. Pleasant passage, ripe tannins and a persistent finish of fruit in liquor. On the palate, the entry is powerful, very tasty and with a long aftertaste of ripe fruit fused with the soft tannins of barrel aging. It shows a bright cherry red color.
  • Marqués de Riscal Reserva
    Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes. Aged for 24 months in American oak barrels. Cherry colored wine quite covered. Balsamic and spicy aroma of great complexity, with notes of ripe black fruits and lightly toasted. The palate has good structure, is tasty, dense and with round and elegant tannins. The finish is long and fresh, with a slight hint of oak.
  • Marqués de Murrieta Reserva
    Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes. Aged for 17 months in American oak barrels and 24 months in bottle. Bright cherry color, the nose offers aromas of refined fruit that combine perfectly with floral, balsamic, spicy notes and hints of oak precisely measured by expert hands. Its tannins go unnoticed thanks to its perfect integration with its fruit and a very pleasant acidity.

D.O. Ribera del Duero

  • Legaris Roble
    Tempranillo grapes. Cherry cherry color with bluish edges, good tear and agile in the glass. Good aromatic intensity on the nose, with notes of ripe black fruit (plums, black currants), light toast and hints of aromatic wood. The fruit dominates, well wrapped in the wood: noble and somewhat crunchy tannins and balanced acidity.
  • Celeste Roble
    Tempranillo grape. Young but mature and with body. Sweet and fresh, with a long finish. Dark cherry red cherry with hints of mauve. Intense and powerful notes of red fruits on a spicy background.
  • Pruno
    Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Aroma of red fruits with an oak accompaniment that anticipates its sweet and sweet entry. The nose is fragrant, with notes of cherries, plums, dried herbs and licorice. The palate is medium-full bodied with creamy tannins.
  • Torremilanos
    🍾 29€
    Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Aged for 20 months on lees in French and American oak barrels. Torremilanos has a beautiful and intense dark color with ruby and purple tones that invites you to enjoy its floral aromas with notes of blackberry and blackcurrant along with intense nuances of fresh, well-ripened grapes accompanied by roasted sensations and balsamic tones of thyme and lavender. ORGANIC.
  • Protos Crianza
    Tinta Fina grape.12 months of aging. Picota color with purple rim and good tear. When oxygenated, aromas of red fruit (cherries, raspberries) appear, wrapped in floral notes, cocoa and toffee on a very discreet mineral background. It is fresh, with ripe tannins and good acidity, and hints of maraschino in retronasal. Medium intensity finish.
  • Venta Las Vacas
    Tinta Fina grape. Aged for 15 months. View: very dark cherry and purple flashes, intense and expressive nose, in the foreground vanilla, hints of cigar box, very fine red fruit and a slightly toasted background. Very good attack on the palate, lively tannin, somewhat drying, good acidity, structured and persistent.
  • Nexus Crianza
    Tinta Fina grape. Aged for 12 months. Delicious aromas of flowers, figs and thyme harmonize with the freshness of red fruits and a noble assembly that leaves notes of roasted coffee, caramel and spices. In the background, almonds are perceived and a mineral touch that adds great complexity to the whole. The palate is lively, expressive, with balanced acidity and a velvety palate.
  • Matarromero Crianza
    Tinta Fina grape. Aged for 14 months in French and American oak. In view it has a cherry red color, covered with layer, clean and bright. The nose is broad, intense and complex in tertiary aromas, as well as the primary aromas typical of the variety. In the mouth it is round, fleshy and persistent, with a pleasant tannin.
  • Pesquera
    Tempranillo grapes. Aged for 16 months in French oak. Aromas of red fruit, licorice and red caramel. Balsamic aromas that give rise to a complex and serious wine. Sweet and fruity on the palate, with an elegant finish and hints of pastries.
  • Torre Albeniz Reserva
    Tempranillo and Albillo grapes. Aged for 24 months in French oak. Intense cherry red color. It has aromas of very ripe red fruits. Vigorous in the mouth with hints of vanilla provided by the barrel. Great structure. This wine can age for a long time.
  • Protos Reserva
    Tempranillo grapes. Aged for 18 months in French and American oak barrels. A classic with solera. Dark cherry red color, with garnet glints, intense nose, black fruit, licorice, light toasted, vanilla, spicy, mineral and balsamic tones. Good acidity, with great balance between fruit and oak and a persistent and harmonious finish.
  • Matarromera Reserva
    Tinta Fina grape. Aged for 18 months in French and American oak. Powerful and complex. Exquisite aromas reminiscent of ripe black fruits, accompanied by balsamic and spicy notes, a touch of cocoa and a subtle mineral nuance typical of the limestone soils where it is born.

V.T. Castilla y León

  • Valdecastrillo del Duero
    Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Intense, structured and long. Intense ruby color. Aromas of black fruit, spices, violets, good fruit and concentration of flavors on the palate. Long and tasty finish. ORGANIC.

D.O. Calatayud

  • Honoro Vera Garnacha
    Grenache grapes. Aged for 2 months in French oak barrels. The wine of the Oscars gala. Intense nose with a predominance of ripe fruit (raspberry, redcurrant), and an overall background with mineral and spicy aromas. A fruity wine, very fresh and easy to drink, tasty, leading to an exotic spicy finish reminiscent of white pepper. VEGAN.

D.O. Jumilla

  • Juan Gil Plata
    Monastrell grapeS. Aged for 12 months. Intense Picota color with violet tones. Balanced aromas of ripe fruit, roasted and smoky notes, sweet and ripe on the palate, with a persistent and pleasant entry. Perfect integration between fruit, alcohol and wood.

D.O. Bierzo

  • Puerta del Viento
    Mencía grapes. 12 months of aging. Fresh, tasty and spicy. Bigarreau cherry red color with violet rim. Powerful primary aroma of violets and secondary aromas of forest fruits with hints of plum. In the mouth it is a fresh, firm and tasty wine with a persistent and spicy aftertaste. ORGANIC.

D.O. Somontano

  • Enate
    Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Aged for 9 months. Medium cherry color. Complex aroma of forest fruits with elegant floral nuances and notes of pepper, vanilla and undergrowth. Soft and round palate with a savory finish, rich in red fruit nuances and light toasty notes.

D.O. Almansa

  • Alaya Tierra
    Garnacha Tintorera grape. Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels. Voted best wine of Spain by popular vote. Opaque black color, powerful and very elegant nose, dominated by ripe black fruit notes with oak wood tones from its aging. Full and dense on the palate, with a silky texture and a long and very pleasant finish.

D.O. Toro

  • Aponte
    Tinta de Toro grapes. Aged for 20 months. Cherry red color, intense and elegant, very bright with violet sparkles, light primary aromas, powerful tertiary aromas of red fruits and chocolate accompanied by balsamic notes and roasted coffee. The palate is concentrated and enveloping, with relaxed tannins. An elegant, sensual, ample and profound red wine.

D.O. Campo de Borja

  • Morca
    Grenache grapes. 20 months in oak barrels. Intense purple color. Aromas of ripe cherries and plums framed by cedar and spice notes. The palate offers great concentration, with pronounced red fruit jam flavors and finely integrated tannins that give it a long, lingering finish.

White Wines

V.T. Cádiz: Wines from Cádiz Region

  • Castillo de San Diego
    Pale yellow color with greenish reflections indicating its youth. On the nose, tasty aromas of pear-like white-fleshed fruit accompanied by fresh citrus notes. On the palate, it has a smooth entry, tasty and elegant, typical of the Palomino Fino grape.
  • Tierra Blanca
    Palomino Fino and Riesling grapes, a young wine that is clean and bright, with pale yellow tones and greenish edges. Nose: Fresh, fruity, with citrus and floral notes. Fresh entry, fruity, light and tasty, well balanced, with a bitter and persistent finish.

D.O. La Rioja

  • Monopole
    Smooth but with good acidity, Monopole is a fresh, floral and fruity wine, highlighting the Mediterranean white fruit. A cheerful and elegant wine. Made from the Viura grape variety. After a soft pressing, the must is obtained. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature
  • Usoa de Bagordi
    Made from Sauvignon Blanc and Garnacha Blanca grapes. Easy to savour due to its pleasant freshness and natural acidity typical of the Sauvignon Blanc variety. The Garnacha Blanca adds creaminess and volume, with a very pleasant glyceric sensation. ORGANIC.

D.O. Rueda

  • Verdeo
    A Young, easy and pleasant wine. This wine is a single varietal Verdejo grape The grapes that Verdeo uses come from the best vines of the variety located in the high plateau of the Duero.
  • Nosso
    ORGANIC wine from pre-phylloxera vineyards with Verdejo grapes. Pale straw yellow in color, it has soft caramel notes on the nose, lactic aromas reminiscent of almond and some buttery references.
  • Marqués de Riscal
    Young wine, one of the best exponents of the white wines of the D.O. Rueda. Made from Verdejo grapes, native to this region, it has pleasant aromas of verbena and tropical fruits with herbaceous notes, generous flavors and a fresh and lively mouthfeel.VEGAN.
  • El Perro Verde
    A fun, fresh and fruity wine made from Verdejo grapes. Beautiful bright yellow color, clean and transparent. Eexuberant with ripe fruit aromas, from citrus through tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple to ripe peach.
  • Shaya Habis
    Verdejo grapes, fermented and aged in barrels for 8 months on its lees. Its grapes belong to a special selection of very old and low production Verdejo vineyards. Complex and subtle, with a mineral character. It gives off aromas of white flowers, ripe fruit and citrus, as well as toasted and spicy notes. VEGAN.

D.O. Rías Baixas

  • Contrapunto
    Young wine made from Albariño grapes, pale straw yellow with green highlights. Fine and fruity nose with aromas of fresh fruit and pleasant notes of white flowers. Fruity on the palate with vibrant acidity, good persistence and very refreshing, perfect for grilled fish, seafood and rice dishes.
  • Lagar da Condesa
    Albariño grapes, aged 6 months on its lees. Bright pale gold in color, it presents aromas of apples and pears along with delicious notes of lemon, exceptional fruity notes and a pleasant touch of concentrated honey and mineral. Ideal with all kinds of fish, seafood, white meats, vegetables, rice dishes and salads.
  • Mar de Frades
    Young wine made from Albariño grapes without aging, with floral notes, jasmine and violets intermingled with fennel, mango and apricot, which accompany the intensity of the saline notes. In the mouth it is a bold and forceful wine with a sophisticated and Atlantic finish. Ideal pairing with seafood. Also with tenderloin or cured cheeses.

D.O. Ribeiro

  • Cunqueiro
    Young, fresh and expressive wine, with notes of fresh fruit. For the elaboration of this wine, grapes of the Treixadura variety are used, a very representative grape of the Ribeiro area. The result is a fresh and casual wine, with character, and with a distinctive identity.

D.O. Bierzo

  • Godello
    A unique and highly valued variety given its limited production (it represents 4% of the grapes grown in Bierzo). Fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 11 months. It is a full-bodied wine, with a powerful and intense presence but at the same time delicate and silky. Ideal with seafood and succulent fish and meat dishes.

D.O. Costers del Segre

  • Raimat
    A young wine made from Chardonnay grapes. Intense bright yellow color with golden reflections. Aromas of melon, peach, nectarine and lychee. Subtle notes of tropical fruit intertwined with citrus notes that give it great freshness. Very good balance between volume, acidity and length, while exalting citrus and tropical notes on the palate. Ideal with white meats, fish, seafood, rice, pasta and salads.

D.O. Alta Alella

  • Lanius
    Pansa Blanca and other grapes. Fermented in barrel. Great complexity with smoky, mineral and saline notes. ORGANIC.

D.O. Penedés

  • Viña Sol
    Viña Sol is a very young white wine produced with traditional white Parellada grapes from Alt Penedés, which gives the wine a fruity and fresh aroma. The fermentation of Viña Sol takes place in stainless steel vats at low temperature. This wine is bottled weekly, which makes it a fresh wine with very little oxidation.
  • Viña Esmeralda
    🍾 18€
    Muscat of Alexandria and Gewürztraminer grapes. White flowers, tropical hints and the crisp ripeness of smooth-skinned white grapes make up a delicate and seductive aromatic bouquet. The musts are treated in the winery at low temperature and always in stainless steel tanks.

D.O. Penedés

  • Gran Viña Sol
    Chardonnay grapes. Part of the wine is fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 5 months. Ripe white fruit with tropical notes and a toasty touch from the barrel.

Rosé Wines

D.O. Rioja

  • Marqués de Caceres
    Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. Young wine with a beautiful pale coral color. The nose is peppered with delicate floral undertones (hints of violet and carnation) and red fruit notes over a soft hint of aniseed. Lively and refreshing on the palate with a fine structure and moderate acidity that lengthens its passage through the mouth.
  • Marqués de Riscal
    Tempranillo, Viura, Garnacha blanca and Malvasía grapes. Young wine, very fruity and with floral notes, with a nice pale pink color, bright and very lively. It surprises with aromas of fresh strawberries and raspberries and very cheerful floral notes. It is very balanced and with a finish that fills the mouth with pleasant acid sensations.
  • Usoa de Bagordi
    Garnacha grapes. Fresh and with aromas of ripe red ripe, acidic red fruits (raspberries and wild strawberries) with floral notes reminiscent of rose petals and a vegetal finish. Fresh entry on the palate with acidic notes in which the primary aromas typical of Garnacha stand out. Long aftertaste, balance between fruity and vegetal acidity.
  • Muga
    Garnacha, Viura and Tempranillo grapes. Young wine, fresh and lively. Floral aromas (rose petals), stone fruit (apricot and peach skin), citrus (tangerine), strawberry and a subtle touch of hazelnuts. Ideal with seafood, pasta, rice dishes and salads. Ideal as a starter or with a small aperitif on our terrace.

D.O. Catalunya

  • De Casta
    Carignan, Grenache, Mazuelo and Garnacha Tintorera grapes. Young wine. Subtle and seductive with floral and fruity aromas. Ideal to accompany starters, as well as some vegetable dishes. Exceptional with all recipes where tomato or tomato sauce is used, including Italian pasta.

D.O. Provence, France

  • By Ott
    Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes. Fresh, light and creamy, from the AOC Côtes de Provence, producer of the best rosés in the world. The nose is delicate and fruity with a touch of white peach and apricot, mixed with passion fruit and mango. The palate is intense, fresh and crisp, with fruity hints.
  • By Ott, Chateau de Selle
    Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvedre grapes. A clear example of a perfect rosé from Provence. Aromas of citrus fruits and white flowers. Frank and elegant entry with a hint of lemon. The finish is sweet with good length. Notes of grapefruit associated with spices.

Champagne, Cavas and sparkling Wines

  • Benjamin
    The little classic, intense and bright yellow color, pleasant and easy-going aroma, very fresh.
  • Codorniu Non Plus Ultra
    D.O. CAVA CATALUNYA BRUT RESERVA. Sparkling white wine made with Macabeu, Xarel-lo and Parellada grapes aged for a minimum of 15 months in the cellar after bottling. A traditional wine with the guarantee of the experience of the Codorníu wineries. A true classic, Non Plus Ultra was the first Spanish brut cava to be produced in 1897.
  • Raventós i Blanc
    D.O.CHAMPAGNE, FRANCE, BRUT GRAN RESERVA. Excellent cava, made with the five varieties grown in different plots with very varied characteristics. Grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir Brut. Aged for 15 months. Harvested by hand and selected by varieties and estates. Elegant explosion of fruit, flowers and pastry notes. Golden yellow, bright and clean with a fine bubble that forms a nice rosary slowly. Elegant, intense, very fine.
  • Laurent Perrier
    D.O.CHAMPAGNE, FRANCE, BRUT GRAN RESERVA. Champagne made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes, aged in cuvées made in-house for 3 years. To preserve the flavor of the house’s traditional Brut, reserve wine from previous vintages is added. A complex wine with fine bubbles, very balanced.
  • Opus Evolutium
    D.O.CAVA, ALTA ALELLA BRUT NATURE GRAN RESERVA. High quality organic grapes from the Vallcirera Qualified Estate and the result of many years of work to achieve high quality cava with its own personality. The golden transparency of this cava reveals a fine and persistent pearl. Balanced and structured, it is distinguished by its refined and elegant carácter. ORGANIC.
  • Exeo
    D.O.CAVA, ALTA ALELLA BRUT NATURE GRAN RESERVA. Careful selection of the best organic White Pansa and Chardonnay grapes from the Vallcirera Qualified Site. Minimum 50 months of aging . Flavors marked by minerality, creaminess and extraordinary aromatic complexity. Integrated effervescence with a long and persistent aftertaste. ORGANIC.
  • Moët Chandon
    D.O.CHAMPAGNE, FRANCE, BRUT GRAN RESERVA, based on grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot NoirBrut. 48 months of aging in RIMA (Elaboration of sparkling wines by arrangement of bottles in rhyme, i.e., one on top of the other in a horizontal position). The most famous champagne, one of the most popular wines in history. An exemplary champagne produced by one of the oldest houses in the region.

Semi Sweet Wines

  • Tierra Blanca Semi Dulce
    V.T. Cádiz. Tierra Blanca Semi Sweet blue bottle is a young, dry and 100% Andalusian white wine. This wine is made with the grape varieties Jerez Palomino Fino, Muscat and Riesling. All of them are harvested in the estate of La Vicaría in Arcos de la Frontera (Sierra de Cádiz). This wine is clean and bright to the eye. Smooth entry, fruity and tasty, very well balanced and round with a lingering finish.
  • Pámpano
    D.O. RUEDA. Semi Sweet White Wine, from Verdejo grapes, with a marked acidity. A white wine without aging, with fermentation in stainless steel tanks. An elegant wine on the palate, with a slightly unctuous touch and very round on the palate with a sweet and sweet finish. Perfect with all types of pasta, fish and seafood as well as fresh foie gras.
  • Vao Vao Blanco
    Made from Verdejo grapes Pale yellow-green color with small integrated bubbles. It has intense aromas of tropical fruit, very fresh and with certain notes of sweet fruit. Excellent with salads with citrus-based dressings, desserts, fish or as an aperitif and in cocktails.
  • Vao Vao Rosado
    Obtained from Tempranillo grapes with a 24-hour maceration. Fermentation takes place in isobaric tanks in order to maintain the natural carbon dioxide from the sugar transformation. It has a bright strawberry color with intense cherry aromas. The bubbles are very fine and well integrated. Superb semi-dry and fresh finish.
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