Sea views

Beach Bar Hurricane

Our Beach Bar seduces with a large buffet of varied salads, a selection of hot dishes and hamburgers, grilled meat or fish. You select whatever you fancy directly from the exposition bar.
After lunch, coffee and homemade cakes, fresh juices or drinks are served.
There is no need to reserve a table, just come and enjoy.
In summer, occasionally we offer sunset live music under the pine trees.


The Atlantic at your feet…

  • Freshly made Salads

    Chiringuito Hurricane
  • Great Sunsets

    Chiringuito Hurricane
  • Homemade Cakes

    Chiringuito Hurricane
  • Home Cooking

    Chiringuito Hurricane
From your table you may enjoy spectacular views across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco.

Our recipe is simple: nothing but top-quality homemade food.

The selection of salads at the Beach Bar is so varied that it would be hard to list them all. Among the more than 70 different recipes we prepare a daily selection according to season, availability of ingredients and expectations of visitors, using for example arugula and basil from our own garden or pomegranates and avocados from the area when they are ripe.

There are some classic salads that are usually prepared at least once a week, such as our famous carrot, cabbage, apple and walnut salad, the much loved Moroccan Tabouleh or our curried chickpea, carrot and bell pepper salad that have gained a reputation among regular customers. We love to offer a creative and fun assortment of salads, mixing traditional recipes, such as the more old fashioned dressed potatoes, or the classical tomato, avocado and fresh cheese salad, with new modern creations such as salads with black rice or red lentils .

The salad buffet is complemented by a variety of hot dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Nothing is prefabricated even our French fries are home made. Among the hot dishes are various types of lasagna or moussaka, classics such as chickpeas with spinach, oven baked fish with varied vegetables, and above all the famous baked chicken. 2 different salads are included in the price of a standard buffet with one hot dish. Should you wish to eat only salad, you may choose between 4 different salads.

Of course, nobody will have to miss out on our selection of delicacies fresh from the grill, such as swordfish, the famous Tarifa tuna fish, the much sought after entrecote and our classical hamburgers, either locally sourced meat or vegetarian.


12:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs